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I am a HR Professional with 30 plus years HR experience working with businesses in Leisure and Tourism, Retail, Distribution, the Care Sector and many Customer Service focused companies.

Are you a SME Owner, MD, Manager, who is frustrated with the amount of your time you are spending dealing with employment and people matters?

Do you feel overwhelmed with ‘people stuff’ ?

Do you wonder how focused you could be on your own business growth and sucess if you didn’t have to deal with all the ‘people stuff’?

I can help you! Tell me what you and your managers are dealing with today. I can help with one off pieces of work or we could have an ongoing HR support working relationship. I can make sure you have all the basics in place such as contracts of employment, policies and procedures, guidelines, and handbooks. I can also support you with Performance Management processes too.

We can create HR support that works for you and your business to support your managers and their employees, ensuring consistent, efficient and fair processes to achieve the best outcomes.

So, why work with me? I have a knowledgeable, ethical and up to date HR background specialising in Employment Law. My career has given me insights into Leisure and Tourism sectors, Education, Retail, Mail Order, Distribution, On-line businesses, Care and Charity sectors. I love to work with SME’s, independents, and Sole Traders, the community high street and in my local area.

I appreciate the importance of speed of response, trust and confidence, fairness, and transparency, whilst considering cost, commerciality, financial & legal is for businesses. I believe my input will pay dividends for your business and you will be pleased how cost effective I can be. My rates are very achievable, and I will give you a personal and professional HR support service.

I am passionate about HR and I care about people. I will always be fair and equitable, I will ask questions, I will want to understand your approach to your people and running your business.

I want to work with you, and I want your business to succeed with a happy and motivated workforce. I am not afraid of having difficult conversations or tackling things. I will always tell you if I think your approach carries a risk and will strive to make your business to become an employer of choice.

I like to build sustained relationships and will encourage your team to aim for harmonious, inclusive working relationships which in turn lead to a happy workforce, which in turn improves their productivity, motivation and your results.

If you would like me to help you and your business, please contact me on 07836 650500 or I look forward to hearing from you.

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About Debbie (FCIPD)

Grad. Dip. Employment Law, Mental Health Mental Health First Aider (MHFA L1)

I can advise you and your managers on employee relations in line with Employment Law guidelines. I can dip in and out and offer support/advice when you need it. I have flexible support options that can fit with you to support your business.

I am highly skilled in all aspects of HR I have always maintained my own learning, development, training and knowledge throughout my whole career demonstrating my own commitment to Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

I can help you and your team navigate your way through difficult times. If you are having to look at change within your business, I can help support you and your people to find solutions and ways forward.

I have excellent interpersonal skills and am at my best when supporting people to engender good Employee Relations. I also have a wealth of knowledge and ability to work with ill-health and welfare challenges.

I have a wealth of knowledge and ability to work with ill-health issues and welfare challenges.

My professional background started with a Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management focused in Employment Law from the University of Central Lancashire.(UCLAN)

My aim is to support you and your business to have a harmonious working relationship. I care deeply about people, their wellbeing, our communities and absolutely believe we work better pulling together, than pulling apart.

“Debbie is a highly professional HR manager with a wealth of experience. Importantly, she really cares about people and helping them to succeed in the workplace, At English Lakes she worked hard to build trusting relationships with her colleagues and was respected for the manner in which she supported them through the good, the bad, and the occasionally ugly issues that are part of life in a large hospitality business. Equally, she would always seek ways to improve performance and development. Debbie would be an asset to any team looking for sound HR support and advice, and I am very happy to give this recommendation.”

“Debbie has the ability to cut through the jargon so often associated with HR, and ensure you come out the other side compliant, educated and reassured. She was flexible to accommodate some of the less common things we needed to add into our contracts, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Debbie to anyone who finds themselves in need of HR help.”

“I would highly recommend Debbie Bullock as a great HR professional having worked with her on numerous projects in the past. Debbie has such a wealth of expertise and always delivers practical solutions and excellent guidance, no matter what you are trying to achieve. Debbie is also such a kind, caring and enjoyable person to work with and shows great empathy and people management, which also shows in the charity work that she is passionately involved in. Debbie is so willing to support and share experiences to help you meet your goals and she is a great advocate on keeping employee wellbeing at the top of her list. No task is ever too great and you always know that her legal knowledge will keep any process safe which is an asset to any business needing her services.”

“We’ve worked with Debbie for many years at English Lakes Hotels, relying on her advice and expertise in all HR matters. Her experience and extensive knowledge of HR combined with her willingness to help out anytime of the day or night makes Debbie an excellent asset to any business.”

“If you are looking for a highly experienced HR consultant that takes time to understand you and your needs, and is able to offer timely solutions and dedicated encouragement, then Debbie is definitely right for you. I have had the pleasure of working with Debbie in the past and can certainly say that she knows her HR stuff! especially after many years working as a generalist and also a specialist across all areas. Thanks for your support Debbie and I hope that we are able to work together again in the future, I look forward to it.”

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